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New in the Team: GetX's Sales Leader Germany!

Big news from my side - I am now part of the GetX team as Sales Leader for Germany!

GetX is not your typical platform. We are the ultimate boost for startups and scale-ups looking to take off. With Franco Baraghini leading the way as a visionary, GetX is much more than just a place for business development - it's a real turbocharger for the industry's most innovative minds.

We operate globally - from the UK and the USA to Brazil. At GetX, we focus on innovations that not only revolutionize the tech world but also the way we live and work. Through our partnerships with leading investors and companies, we open doors for startups and scale-ups ready to achieve greatness.

From technology, automotive, aerospace, energy, medical technology to software development - we are present in the current, relevant industries, bringing a breath of fresh air to the business.


With my background as a Senior Partner, I look forward to contributing my knowledge and experience to help new business ideas grow even further and write more success stories together with GetX.




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