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New chapter, new paths

The founding of KISSEBERTH CO

Hello dear readers,

It's time for my first blog post and I'm excited to share my exciting journey with you. In May 2023, after more than 25 years at a leading automotive engineering company, I made a crucial change in my professional life - I resigned to found my own GmbH, KISSEBERTH CO.

The decision to make my many years of experience and expertise available to my own company was quickly clear to me. I am firmly convinced that I can create real added value. Believing in the power of partnerships and collaborations to expand one's own portfolio has led me to carefully select partners with great expertise and the right mindset.

After a notary appointment on December 5th, some bureaucratic and administrative tasks had to be completed. However, thanks to thorough preparation, everything went like clockwork. The challenges were overcome and the first steps as a founder were successfully completed.

At the same time, I worked with Lothar Schmid, an experienced art strategist, on our logo and external appearance. Working with him is great fun, and we proudly present the result on my new website.

Now that the foundations have been laid, I'm really looking forward to getting started! The founding of KISSEBERTH CO not only marks a new chapter in my professional life, but also the beginning of exciting new paths.

Thank you for being part of my journey. I will keep you updated in future blog posts and share my experiences and insights.

Here's to a successful new chapter!


Kai Kisseberth

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