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Excellence in action

Strategy design


With over 25 years of impressive experience in the automotive industry, I have in-depth management skills.


My focus is on developing innovative strategies that meet the challenges of our dynamic industry.


My approach extends from analyzing the environment, the company and the market situation to implementing the developed strategies in a practice-oriented approach.

Innovative strategies designed by many years of management experience

Organizational consulting


In organizational consulting, I focus on developing tailor-made organizational and personnel structures that can meet current and future challenges.


My methodological approach begins with an in-depth analysis of the current situation, followed by the clear definition of objectives. The precise planning and implementation of measures is ensured by my many years of experience.


The continuity of success is guaranteed through regular reviews and adjustments.

Forward-looking organizational structures for sustainable success

Personality and team analysis


The belief that people make the crucial difference shapes my approach to personality and team analysis.


As a certified Profile Dynamics® consultant, I carry out in-depth analyzes that are not only quick but also precise. The insights gained make it possible to identify individual strengths and align teams to work together harmoniously.

People are the key to success

Technical advisory service


My technical advice covers the successful setting up of project structures and teams in an international environment with diverse cultural influences.


My holistic view of projects includes the conception and design of vehicles in a wide range of categories - from groundbreaking last-mile concepts to high-performance super sports cars.


Thanks to many years of experience, I am able to pay attention not only to the technical aspects, but also to the efficient design of internal and external interfaces in order to sustainably promote the success of projects.

Holistic view of complex development projects

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